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Everything you should know about your child learning music


Remember when you were a child… Music lessons were something to be endured rather than enjoyed. At Accent on Music your child can love his or her lessons and truly enjoy learning music.
A good teacher is so important. Your teacher is specially chosen for their warmth, enthusiasm and ability to relate to children. Our teachers are committed to being the best they can, they give some of their holiday time to attend teacher training seminars, to learn more.

So… what changes can I expect to notice?
In no time at all your child will be playing and enjoying all kinds of music. You’ll have great sound recordings for your child to practise along with at home.

Results of several scientific studies demonstrate that Music Makes us SMARTER! According to the Association for Psychological Science, intelligence test scores grew higher in children who took lessons in keyboard or singing.


“Researchers have found… that not only do the brains of musically-trained children respond to music in different way to those of the untrained but also that the training improves their memory as well. After 1 year musically trained children performed better ina memory test correlated with general intelligence skills such as literacy, verbal memory, visiospatial processing, mathematics, IQ” ( From ScienceDaily, Sept 20, 2006)

Our courses are specially designed so your child will have a greater appreciation for and understanding of music.

We believe in Music For Life!

Music builds concentration.

These comments from parents say it all…

“…(my child) has only been learning for 6 months but I have noticed he is able to sit and concentrate for longer periods now”


“His behaviour has improved both at home and at preschool. His concentration is better and he’s learning to read easily. Being able to master a song improves his self esteem which, of course affects everything else.”

Music… a real confidence booster
One of the greatest gifts we can have as individuals is a good level of self confidence or self esteem. Performing for others, is one of the best ways to improve self esteem.

Concerts Concerts Concerts
From the beginning, your child will gain confidence by performing for his or her class mates. From here it’s on to the slightly larger End of Term Concerts held at the end of Term 2 and 4.

Then there’s the Showcase where all students are encouraged to perform and receive their Gold Medallion and Performers Certificate to celebrate the occasion – not to be missed!