Piano and instrumental lessons

Private Lessons – 8 years to Adult
With the physical changes that come as children grow, children from 8 years of age are able to cope with the fine motor (small muscle) demands of playing other instruments. Popular choices we can offer at this stage include guitar, violin and cello, clarinet and saxophone. Our school offers these as private lessons with teachers skilled in the relevant instruments.

Students have the opportunity to participate in performance events and exams. All of our private students have a specialised Individual Learning Program designed for them depending on their interests and needs. Our teachers will prepare students for Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) exams, with exams held for piano in our own studios; or for exams through ABRSM where available.

In addition we run Adult Classes in conjunction with Macquarie Community College.

See what’s available www.macquarie.nsw.edu.au

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Below is a list of all our wonderful teachers

Clarinet & Saxophone
Andrew Symons

Guitar- Acoustic, Electric, Bass
Keir Needham

Keyboard & Piano
Anthony Wong

Edward Lun
Heidi Ching
Joshua Jones
Leah Hanchard (Head teacher)
Margaret Greig (Advanced teacher; A.M.E.B. Examiner)
Nancy Khuu
Peggy Shen
Rosemary Pallister (Advanced Teacher)

Youssef Zumut

Violin & Cello
Ivan Smith