Information for Parents and students

Frequently Asked Questions –FAQ’s

How Do I Book a Free Trial Class or Open Day Class?
Either call us on 9858 2249, or fill in the Enquiry form

How Do I Enrol?
Everyone is welcome to come and trial a Free class lesson. If you would like to enrol, just fill out an enrolment form, and we will calculate fees for the remainder of the term.

When are Classes held?
To view this Term’s New Class Schedule go to Upcoming Events. This will also detail the class duration and requirements.

What happens during a Class?
See JiggleMusic for Early Childhood and Keyboard Classes. The best way to find out what happens, is to come along and trial one of our classes.

What can I do to help my child – I never learned!

Download and Read this great article by Elissa Milne (Teacher, Composer, Educator, Communicator)

15 Things You Need to Know About Supporting Your Child Learning to Play the Piano –

Lesson Costs

Jiggle Music (18 mths–3 yrs – 30min lesson)       $15.80

Kinder Beat              (3 – 4.5 yrs of age)             $22.50

Junior Series            (4.5 – 7yrs of age)              $27.00

Primary Series          (7.5 – 12 yrs of age)           $27.00

Accent on Keys        (13+ and Adult)                 $27.00

Achiever Series class lesson – (prerequisite entry)  $28

All Classes – 2 Students = 30 mins. 3-8 students = 45 mins

Private Tuition per 30mins                                $40.00 – $44.00

  • New students are required to pay $100* (includes $20* non-refundable admin fee) on enrolment. Course materials are extra. (*$70 and $10 for JM)
  • Enrolment is provided on an ongoing basis. Fees are payable in advance by the term. Minimum enrolment one semester.
  • Four lessons notice must be given prior to cancellation of lessons, or a $50 Cancellation Fee will be charged.
  • There are no credits or refunds for lessons missed.  We may be able to offer you a class at a similar level if given sufficient notice.
  • No make-up lessons or credits will be available to students who take holidays within the school term.
  • Parental involvement in classes is compulsory for all students up to the age of at least 7yrs. Parents are encouraged and very welcome to attend all class and private lessons.